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How to Succeed

So, you secured an internship and it was approved for credit. Now what? We've compiled some tips to help you succeed, not just for an "A", but to takeaway valuable experience from the internship.

Success in the Internship

  • Be punctual (supervisors make notes for being late or missing dates)
  • Be professional (in appearance and attitude)
  • Ask to take on projects (don’t just wait to be assigned projects)
  • Speak up (show initiative during meetings and don’t be afraid to share your ideas)
  • Say "Yes" to every opportunity
  • Make sure to connect with your supervisor/mentor often
  • Network (get to know everyone you can in the organization)
  • Take feedback and criticism well
  • Attend out of office events with colleagues
  • Send thank you notes to your supervisors and colleagues when the internship is over
  • Stay in touch with supervisors and colleagues (could lead to job opportunities)

Success in the Internship

  • Search for an internship early
  • Have your internship approved by your organization supervisor and faculty supervisor by the 4th class day
  • Download and READ the syllabus posted to Canvas
  • Note the dates for your midterm and final assignments
  • Keep up with weekly journal entries and work samples
  • Use your journal to discuss your reactions to what you're doing, not just describing it
  • Remind your supervisor to complete the midterm and end of semester evaluations and fill out the open-ended questions
  • Complete your final portfolio by the deadline (include a cover sheet about your organization, an updated resume, work samples, and final journal entries)
  • Sign up for a one-to-one end of semester meeting with your faculty supervisor